private label natural organic cosmetic care
Lavorazione confezionamento oli burri cosmesi naturale produzione conto terzi

private label small batch natural cosmetic production | private label make-up production | private label natural organic cosmetic care

private label natural organic cosmetic care

La Duellepi Srl operates in the market as a contractor for toiletries and skin care third-party production, providings customers with a 360° service.

  • formulation 
  • bulk production 
  • packaging
  • full service

Since 2003 La Duellepi has been operating as professional player in the cosmetic market, mainly thanks to the production know how of the A&A Fratelli Parodi SpA, leading company of the group.

Points of strenght of the company are specialization, flexibility and production of even small and personalized batches.

Using highly selected natural raw materials only, La Duellepi is specialized in the production of vegan and organic cosmetics, items that need particular care both in formulation and production process.

Ourfull range of production machines allow us to satisfy any packaging needs:

  • jars
  • bottles
  • tubes

We are the ideal partner for both mass and niche market production.





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